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Indicate all essential dates in the email body with the @ symbol
Add MyRobot’s email:
MyRobot will remind you about those essential dates by email

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Are you disappointed by the calendar reminders or task orga-
nizers included in standard project applications or systems? Tired of still having to rely on post-it notes or handwritten calendars? was created for people like you! Other methods all require too much work or are easily ignored or forgotten when the crucial deadline looms.
The secret of is that our system automatically remembers everything for you and sends you the reminder. You don’t need to fill any forms, install any apps, or remem-
ber any passwords. You just use the same email program you’ve always used. Type in the @ after each date, and the robot assistant will be there in your inbox to remind you right when you need her!


  • Make sure you are setting a reminder on a date after today. Date format
  • Make sure that there are no mistakes in the date itself. Possible e-mail formats
  • Make sure that symbol @ is placed after the date (Monday@)
  • Make sure that the reminders do not go into your spam folder
  • Make sure that you have added robot’s email in the To:, CC: or BCC:
Any problems or questions?