By default reminders about important dates will be sent
in the morning, before the beginning of your working day.
You can set a reminder on any date and time starting tomorrow
  • 03.14.2015@
  • 05.21.15@
  • 05/9/2015@
  • January 5, 2015 at 11:00@
  • 2nd of January@

Exact date

Indicate the exact date for the
event that you would like a reminder

  • on Monday@
  • by Thursday@
  • within 5 days@
  • next Wednesday@
  • till Friday@
  • this Tuesday at 5pm@

Days of the week

Indicate the days of the week on or before the day you need a reminder sent

  • tomorrow@
  • tomorrow 10:30@
  • day after tomorrow@
  • morrow@


You will receive a reminder the next morning

  • within 5 days@
  • 14 days@
  • within a week@
  • fortnight@
  • month@
  • 6 months@
  • 2 quarters@

In a specified period

Specify the period in which you need to be reminded about deadlines


  • Make sure you are setting a reminder on a date after today. Date format
  • Make sure that there are no mistakes in the date itself. Possible e-mail formats
  • Make sure that symbol @ is placed after the date (Monday@)
  • Make sure that the reminders do not go into your spam folder
  • Make sure that you have added robot’s email in the To: or BCC:
Any difficulties or questions?