Why do you need to mark a date with the @ symbol?
This alerts MyRobot to remind about the marked deadlines mentioned in emails.
By marking essential dates with @ symbol you can later manage reminders which
MyRobot must send to you.

Send Reminders
to Everyone

Add she@myrobot.io in the “To:” or “CC:” of group emails

MyRobot will remind you and all participants of crucial dead-
lines coming up. Use not only for deadlines but also midpoint
dates or any other tasks or milestones.

Send Reminders
Just to You

Put she@myrobot.io into blind copy of your
email exchanges

Putting mail assistant robot’s email in the
BCC won’t bother other recipients with
Only you will receive them!

Remind Yourself Later

Reply to MyRobot and set the date

Have you received an email that you would like to review later? Forward this email to MyRobot with the date you would like a reminder.

Or, if you receive a reminder from MyRobot but you would like
to extend the deadline, just answer the email with the new
date for a reminder

Great for Business or Personal Use

Send an email to she@myrobot.io

If you want MyRobot to remind you of personal matters, no problem! Just send her an email with the description and use the @ symbol to indicate the dates!


  • Make sure you are setting a reminder on a date after today. Date format
  • Make sure that there are no mistakes in the date itself. Possible e-mail formats
  • Make sure that symbol @ is placed after the date (Monday@)
  • Make sure that the reminders do not go into your spam folder
  • Make sure that you have added robot’s email she@myrobot.io in the To:, CC: or BCC:
Any difficulties or questions?